3G Productions was started in the fall of 2017 when a dream to capture moments and tell stories of people and what God is doing all around us. The dream began when I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa for seven weeks with a campus ministry called Campus Outreach. During this trip I was given the chance to film our trip and put together a recap video at the end. After this experience I found a love for filming, and editing videos. Not long after this I began to dream of doing this the rest of my life but I didn’t know how. During a trip to a pumpkin patch in the fall with friends and speaking with close friends they encouraged me to pursue this dream. Not Long after I had the dream to start my own company and needed a name. I thought back to even why I wanted to start this company and all that came to mind was to Give God Glory through all that I do. During my high school years I had the opportunity to run cross country and our chant and motto was to Give God Glory for every race no matter the outcome. This had a huge impact on me which then led to me coming up with 3G to then form 3G Productions.  



Dylan Harris


I have always had a desire to capture nature and moments but never knew how. While living in Greensboro I was involved in a college ministry and started helping the ministry out with productions for meetings and retreats. As I helped improve the meetings we began putting videos together and I began my journey of learning to perfect the art of capturing moments and editing them in video. Since then I have been gathering experience making videos for different ministries, schools, church’s, international mission trips, engagements and weddings. To me there is nothing like the rush of capturing someone’s perfect moment on camera and creating a timeless video that they can watch years to come.


Lauren Franklin

Admin/Assistant Videographer:

I got started with video and admin work when Dylan started this company. It has been a joy to come alongside him to help shoot wedding videos and create graphics for social media.